“I’m a single parent and never thought about what would happen to my child if I was injured.”

income protection for single parents

Let us tell you the story of Sophia*.

She’s a single mother to a beautiful little girl, Rosie*.

In 2008, when she was just 29, Sophia was like many people who didn’t want to think about worst case scenarios.

The worst case scenario if she was injured; if she was diagnosed with a critical illness; if she unexpectedly died.

Most of us don’t want to think about these scenarios as they confront some of our deepest fears. Our fears that we will lose control of our plans, our ability to work, our ability to keep our family safe.

The only reason Sophia first got in touch with Adrian at Bow Tie Financial Services was a referral by her previous employer.

At the time she met with Adrian, Sophia was working, the sole provider for her daughter, and preparing to buy a house for her family. She had life insurance cover as she had suffered from previous pregnancy complications.  

Upon meeting Adrian, Sophia was finally compelled to think about the “what ifs”.

income protection for single parents

Meeting with Adrian helped Sophia get thinking.

“He got me thinking about things that I hadn’t really thought of in great detail before,” Sophia said. “What would happen to my daughter if I lost my job? What would happen to our house? Or if I got injured and couldn’t work? How would I pay for my daughter’s education? At 29, you don’t think about these things, but because I was a single parent, it was important to plan ahead.”

All these worst case scenarios and what ifs in Sophia’s life weren’t planned for.

If you think about it, whether you’re a single parent or partnered, what would happen to you and your family if you lost your job, were injured, sick or even passed away?

Would your assets, from your car to your house, be safe?

Would you be able to pay for your future?

They’re scary questions, and it’s true, the probability of them happening is unlikely. But, what if?

In Sophia’s case, the what if did happen.

In 2011, she was injured in her workplace and was dramatically affected in her ability to work.

income protection for single parents

Her injury affected her ability to work.

All those plans she had for the future had the potential to be thrown away.

Luckily, and it was extremely lucky, she had already met with Adrian to set up a plan that would protect herself and her daughter.

Adrian was there every step of the way with Sophia, managing the process as she managed her condition, he attended all the meetings, and explained ‘the complicated’, to ensure the best outcome.

Thanks to Adrian, Sophia had been set up with income protection that ultimately resulted in a worker’s compensation payout of $500,000 and she continues to receive an income protection monthly benefit ever since.

It’s incredibly safe to say that Sophia wouldn’t be where she is today without having that first meeting with Adrian. He was able to provide her with comprehensive financial advice and hands-on support, which guaranteed she wouldn’t lose her house, could keep her house, and her daughter, Rosie, could still go to school.

You might hear these success stories often; many financial advisors could spin out a success story but as Sophia says, Adrian’s a breath of fresh of air in this industry.

income protection for single parents

Adrian is a breath of fresh air.


Adrian doesn’t expect you to meet him, but comes to you. He came and met Sophia in her office, where it was most convenient for her. For parents who can’t leave their kids at home, he comes to their place where they feel comfortable.

And, that’s what is important to remember about Adrian. He is there from the beginning and right through every life experience you have to face. Adrian’s not just about one meeting and hoping for the best; he will be there with you when, or if, a problem arises. And, he’ll help you through the process.

He’s the facilitator between lawyers, accountants, and all the other people who will pop up in your life in the time of crisis.

Sophia is just one example, but her story is not unique.

Adrian is there to plan for your worst case scenarios, so if they do happen, you’re not left unprotected.

Get in touch with Adrian, the ‘Bow Tie Man’, for an obligation-free consultation and ensure your future is safe. He’ll get the coffee!

*Names have been changed.