“…what makes Adrian different and special to me is his authenticity, generosity and kindness. These are qualities that don’t often initially come to mind when you think of people who work in insurances, superannuation or accounting… I don’t feel lost in that world when I deal with Adrian. I know he’s got my back. Seriously. He’s a great broker, and more importantly, he’s a very good man.

Client since 2007

Adrian has a strong work ethic and the level of care and involvement he takes with his clients is second-to-none. I’m proof of the pudding. If I didn’t have the appropriate insurance, my family and I would have lost our home and be on the street. He has provided financial security for our family.

Client since 2008


“Adrian’s refreshingly different. He takes a genuine interest in you, your family and making sure that you’ve got the appropriate plans in place based on your changing circumstances. I never thought I’d be in this situation; you just don’t like to think about worst case scenarios - but I’d hate to think what would have happened if I didn’t take on his advice.

Client since 2008

“The level of service I receive from Adrian is really good. He takes total control and looks after everything so there’s no need to worry…I’m glad I haven’t gone with anyone else.”

Client since 2009