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    “I’m a single parent and never thought about what would happen to my child if I was injured.”

    income protection for single parents

    Let us tell you the story of Sophia*.

    She’s a single mother to a beautiful little girl, Rosie*.

    In 2008, when she was just 29, Sophia was like many people who didn’t want to think about worst case scenarios.


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    Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.

    Will Advice Brisbane - Bow Tie Financial Services

     “I’ll do it next year!”, “I have no money anyway, so it doesn’t matter!”, or “I’m too young to think about those types of things!”

    These are some of the classic catchphrases for many people who continue pushing a Will down the to-do list.

    In fact, if you’ve haven’t got a Will or at least one that’s up to date, you aren’t alone. The NSW Government estimates that about only 55% of Australians have a current will.

    That means, just under one in two people either haven’t set up one of the most important legal documents of their life, or their Will hasn’t been changed for the past 20 years (which, is evidently problematic).


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    Preparing a will Brisbane - Bow Tie Financial Services

    We’ve all seen the TV ads spruiking life insurance, TPD insurance, funeral insurance and more. But, with the competing costs of school fees, mortgage repayments and the day-to-day cost of living, is it really work the expense?

    Many of us think “It’ll never happen to me,” but for Theresa*, a terminal illness diagnosis became only too real.

    The ‘Bow Tie Man’, Adrian, met Theresa and her husband Michael* in 2009 to discuss their insurance needs. With two children aged nine and six, the couple were keen to speak with Adrian about life insurance and their options for financial cover.

    A self-employed Physiotherapist, Theresa had no sick leave, annual leave or long service leave entitlements to bank on. As a non-smoker with a healthy lifestyle, Theresa had no apparent health concerns and a low-risk profile.