You may mature and single - mid-way through your life and career, with or without children living in or out of home.

As a single income householder, what would you do if you fell ill or were injured? How would you cover your rent or mortgage, your household bills and other financial commitments?

And if something worse happened…your death? What would happen to your debts? How would your children be looked after? Their future living expenses? Your assets?




Things to consider Your options

Do you have appropriate Superannuation investment strategies in place for your current situation? And, how much Superannuation will you need to maintain the lifestyle you desire in retirement?

Seek advice regarding your Superannuation including contributions, investment structure and beneficiaries.

How can you protect your income in the case of unexpected illness or injury or even worse – in the event of unforeseen death, to ensure you and/or your dependants can still meet your financial obligations?

Take out appropriate Personal Insurance for your current situation: Income Protection Insurance, Critical Illness/Trauma Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance, Life Insurance.

What will happen to your dependants and assets in the event of your death?

Ensure you have plans in place to manage your Estate, including a Will to distribute your assets and look after your loved ones the way you intend.


"Put your plans in place today, and have certainty for the future."

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