You may be starting a new business or operating an established business.

Have you invested in your business? Is your livelihood, or your family’s livelihood dependent on your business? Do you have a business loan and is this secured against your personal assets?

How and when do you plan to exit from the business down the track?


Bow Tie with Papas and Pace

Bow Tie with Papas and Pace


Things to consider Your options

Do you have an exit strategy from your business in the event of planned future departure, or in the case of something unexpected?

Ensure you have a Succession Plan in place for your business and personal situation, including a Will or Testamentary Trust to distribute your assets and look after your loved ones the way you intend.

How will you transition to your next phase and finance your plans?

Protect your income and take out appropriate Insurance: Income Protection Insurance, Critical Illness/Trauma Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance, Life Insurance.

Have you kept up with your Superannuation contributions and do you have an appropriate investment structure in place for your current situation? And, how much Superannuation will you need to maintain the lifestyle you desire in retirement?

Seek advice regarding your Superannuation including contributions, investment structure and beneficiaries.


"Put the plans in place to protect you and your business today."

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